Stardander: School for Witches – Official Teaser Trailer

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Stardander: School for Witches – Official Teaser Trailer
Here’s your look at the characters and the magical world of Stardander: School for Witches in this trailer for the visual novel game featuring a turn-based battle system. Stardander: School for Witches will be available in Early Access in 2023, and a demo for the game is available now as part of Steam’s Visual Novel Fest.

In Stardander: School for Witches, long ago, humans summoned Fae creatures and bound them to their will. However, when pacts were broken – the power of the Fae turned upon humanity and brought chaos. Only the aid and protection of a group of sympathetic Fae kept humans from being annihilated. These Fae became known as Protectors and founded the human-Fae Alliance. The downside is that the safety of the Protectors cannot last forever – only through mastering their own magic do humans stand a chance.

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