Alienware x16 Hands On Impressions

15-inch gaming laptops are out, and 16-inch laptops are in. That seems to be the running theme for CES 2023 and the new Alienware x16 certainly champions this movement. The Alienware x16 is one of the thinnest and sleekest gaming laptops I’ve laid my hands on. It approaches near Ultrabook levels of svelteness at just READ MORE

Twitch Beginning to Come Back Online Following Outage That Takes Down Its Streaming Pages

Update 11:10am PT: Twitch's streaming pages appear to be coming back online. However, Twitch's status page is still showing major outages across the site. Expect intermitent downtime as Twitch works to restore service. A major Twitch outage has temporarily taken down the popular streaming site, bringing down a host of streaming pages with it. According READ MORE