Playdate – Official March 2023 Update Showcase

Playdate – Official March 2023 Update Showcase
Watch the full March 2023 Playdate Update presentation featuring news about Panic’s Playdate handheld system, including the reveal that Catalog–the digital on-device and web-based storefront for Playdate software curated by the team at Panic–will be available today, March 7, 2023, with Playdate’s latest system update. The team also announced that Catalog launches with 16 games featuring 11 new games, as well as 2 free bonus games–Reel Steal and Recommendation Dog!!–available as part of Playdate’s Season 1. The Catalog launch games include Carve Jr., Skew, Direct Drive, and more. Additionally, Playdate will receive a price increase on April 7, 2023, from $179 USD to $199 USD.

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