Pax Augusta – Official Trailer

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Pax Augusta – Official Trailer
Here’s your look at your objectives in this trailer for Pax Augusta, an upcoming ancient Roman city builder game where you take care of your citizens, create monuments, and become the emperor of Rome.

As a skillful city ruler, players of Pax Augusta quickly attract the attention of the Senate. The Senate will assign the fledging leaders new provinces, wherein they will use their intuition and diplomacy skills to settle. Amass wealth, become involved in political intrigues, and with enough money and power to earn the top title: Emperor of Rome.

As the empire expands its territories, it seeks skilled city leaders to establish new settlements and cement Roman control over their newly conquered lands. Players are tasked with undertaking this endeavor, constructing infrastructure, and growing the small burgeoning settlement into a flourishing city. As the settlement grows, tax revenues increase, allowing the settlers to delve into mining raw materials and erecting new structures to meet the population’s needs.

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