Deathbound – Official Announcement Trailer

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Deathbound – Official Announcement Trailer
Here’s your look at the fearsome foes and the dark world of Deathbound in this trailer for the upcoming action RPG set in a brutal reality where Life and Death were never more conflicted.

In Deathbound, absorb the essence of fallen warriors, and uncover the secrets hidden within a techno-medieval world brimming with relentless creatures. Deathbound is set in a crumbling civilization where the clash between fanatical faith and unnatural science decimated the world of Ziêminal and the great city of Akratya. Throughout their crusade, players will encounter ruthless monsters who will test the will and valor of all who knock at their door. Within Ziêminal, there is no good nor evil, only justifications.

Deathbound will be available in 2024.

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