Tsurughime – Official Teaser Trailer

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Tsurughime – Official Teaser Trailer
Tsurugihime is a side-scrolling action RPG by developer Fahrenheit 213 who was founded by Yosuke Shiokawa best known for his work on renowned titles like Kingdom Hearts II (Lead Planner), Dissidia: Final Fantasy (Concept Director), and Fate/Grand Order (Creative Director). The final battle is 100 days away, how will you prepare? Every day the clock ticks closer to war, and every choice leads down a different path toward multiple endings. Build up strength with constant combat, or hone your defensive acumen against advanced enemies. Wield thousands of swords, or choose peace over war in your daily activities as the clock ticks towards destiny. Tsurugihme is now in development and will release on Steam for PC in 2024.

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