The Entropy Centre – Official Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

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The Entropy Centre – Official Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer
The Entropy Centre is available now on Nintendo Switch. Watch the launch trailer for another look at this sci-fi world, puzzle elements, and more from this time-bending puzzle game. In The Entropy Center, join Aria, as she awakens inside the bowels of a colossal space station—The Entropy Centre—in near-orbit of Earth. Two immediate problems face her: Earth has been set ablaze from an extinction-level event, and The Entropy Centre itself appears abandoned and on the brink of imminent collapse. 
With the aid of ASTRA—a talking gun capable of moving objects backwards in time—Aria can restore the facility’s collapsed bridges, reassemble destroyed pathways, and overcome ingeniously complex puzzles to progress to the core of The Entropy Centre in the hope of surviving this seemingly doomed space station and, somehow, finding a way home.

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