Savant: Ascent Anniversary Edition – Official Announcement Trailer

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Savant: Ascent Anniversary Edition – Official Announcement Trailer
Watch the announcement trailer for Savant: Ascent Anniversary Edition, an upcoming remastered version of the shoot-em-up platformer game Savant: Ascent. It will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile in summer 2023. The action-packed trailer showcases some of the features from this remastered version of the game from D-Pad Studio, the creators of Owlboy, including new content, stages, bosses, powerups, and an original soundtrack from Norwegian musician Savant.

In Savant: Ascent Anniversary Edition, you play as the Alchemist, who’s been cast down from his tower by an unknown force. Your goal is to ascend back to the top, with your movement limited at all times to two platforms, be they moving elevators or space debris. By using rapid volleys of magic missiles to take out attacking enemies and precise dashes and jumps to move between the two platforms, you must try to survive the deadly journey back to the summit.

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