Off the Grid – Exclusive ‘Just Deal With Delia’ Episode 1

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Off the Grid – Exclusive ‘Just Deal With Delia’ Episode 1
Watch this Off the Grid ‘Just Deal With Delia’ premiere episode for your first look at the miniseries set in the world of the upcoming cyberpunk battle royale game. In the first episode, titled ‘Sponsors’, we see Delia show off her new weapon and recording studio. Episode 1 also reveals the name of one of the game’s three MegaCorporations, Mriya.

Set in a dystopian tropical zone called Teardrop Island, Off the Grid challenges players to take on the role of Zeroes. These mercenaries, equipped with cyberlimbs, have been enlisted by MegaCorporations to take on PvP battles and PvE sabotage and assassination missions. Developed in collaboration with Neill Blomkamp, Off The Grid is coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S in 2023.

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