Neo Berlin 2087 – Official Pre-Alpha Gameplay and Announcement Trailer

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Neo Berlin 2087 – Official Pre-Alpha Gameplay and Announcement Trailer
Watch the action-packed announcement trailer for Neo Berlin 2087 for a peek at the world and see pre-alpha gameplay from this upcoming third and first-person action RPG, coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

In Neo Berlin 2087, technological advancements and cyberization have divided society into a two-class system, where the rich are ruling over the city while the poor are fighting for survival inside the slums and in the deadly wasteland outside the new Berlin city walls. Dive into an emotional cyberpunk journey about justice, friendship, love, guilt, sacrifice, and betrayal.

As a detective, you can uncover the truth in ways others cannot. You have a unique ability to understand human behavior and find clues to solve cases. You can extract valuable information by hacking into the minds of suspects. Every emotion, thought, and memory provides a piece of the puzzle to bring justice and expose hidden secrets. Despite the challenges of navigating complex social and political landscapes, your commitment to justice never wavers. Are you ready to take on the challenge of being an investigator and bring justice to those who need it most in the city?

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