Jumplight Odyssey – Official Early Access Release Date Reveal Trailer

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Jumplight Odyssey – Official Early Access Release Date Reveal Trailer
Jumplight Odyssey will be available on PC via Steam Early Access on August 21, 2023. Watch the latest trailer to learn more about the story and see gameplay from this upcoming colony sim, set in space and inspired by genre staples and classic ‘70s sci-fi anime.

Jumplight Odyssey takes players on a unique spaceship adventure starring Princess Euphora, commander of the SDF Catalina. Join her and navigate across star systems, trying to escape from Admiral Voltan and the dangerous Zutopans, while searching for the fabled Forever Star—a mythical new home far across the galaxy.

In Jumplight Odyssey, you will manage resources, define your leadership style, and make critical decisions to maintain hope aboard the SDF Catalina. Assign tasks to crew members across various divisions, such as Science, Engineering, Combat, and Supply. Dispatch pilots to gather resources, rescue new members to expand the crew, and defend the spaceship against surprise Zutopan ambushes as they relentlessly pursue you across the galaxy.

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