House Flipper – Official Farm DLC Launch Trailer

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House Flipper – Official Farm DLC Launch Trailer
House Flipper’s The Farm DLC is available now on Steam. Watch the launch trailer to see features of The Farm DLC, which features tending to crops, building your house from the ground up, 10 new jobs, taking care of animals, 9 new tools and mechanics, new crops, and more.

In The Farm DLC for House Flipper, immerse yourself in the idyllic countryside, bask in its charm and deal with all the usual aspects of farm life. Enjoy a wide range of new crop plant species and grow them. An abundant harvest will help you take care of your animals, such as sheep, cows, horses or alpacas… you can choose your companions from many breeds. If you provide them with excellent living conditions and happiness, they will repay you with endless love and make your life more joyful.

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