Amanda the Adventurer – Official Release Date Trailer

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Amanda the Adventurer – Official Release Date Trailer
Amanda the Adventurer will be available on PC on April 25, 2023. Watch the latest creepy trailer for this upcoming found-footage-style horror game.

In Amanda the Adventurer, players embody Riley Park who inherits their Aunt Kate’s house following her death. The adventure starts with the seemingly banal task of digging through the reclusive aunt’s attic, where Riley comes across a box full of VHS tapes. Watching through them, they discover that the tapes contain episodes of a long-lost children’s show starring the plucky Amanda the Adventurer and her cowardly yet loyal sidekick, Woolie the Sheep.

At first glance, the videos seem innocently childish and wholesome, depicting two best buddies as they explore and learn all about their wonderful world. However, the longer the videos are watched, the more a creeping, sickening feeling emerges that something in the tapes is watching back

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