System Of Souls – Official Release Date Trailer

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System Of Souls – Official Release Date Trailer
System Of Souls will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam on May 19, 2023. Watch the trailer for a look at this upcoming sci-fi puzzle-solving game.

In System of Souls, the ecological catastrophe of the year 2155 is becoming incompatible with life. That’s why the company ION is making a fortune as the only one capable of transferring the souls of citizens to synthetic bodies: the androids L-064N. But it turns out that not all these transfers go well. At least, yours, oh calamity, has not gone well: because you do not remember who you are or what you are doing in this stainless steel world.

And that’s where all your problems come from. You will have to unveil all your past, hidden in the ION facilities, and so you will have a future. Aurea will be your only companion, an artificial intelligence that needs to activate your neural network with mental challenges to make you remember. If you keep up with her, you will manage to reach the Atkinson-Schiffrin tower, the storehouse of human souls.

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