Rightfully, Beary Arms – Official Early Access Release Trailer

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Rightfully, Beary Arms – Official Early Access Release Trailer
Rightfully, Beary Arms is available now on PC via Steam Early Access and will be available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One in 2024, simultaneously alongside the PC 1.0 release. Check out the trailer to see the teddy bear take on enemies in this bullet hell roguelite game.

In Rightfully, Beary Arms, confide in a special little teddy named Beary and help this lovable angel reign cuddly terror on mobs of scheming bad guys from Boo Bees to Battery Boys and Toadalee’s alike. Plot Beary’s next intergalactic dungeon crawl before launching hot lead into waves of alien slime balls. Unleash an unhinged assault across the cosmos or carefully execute a lucrative annihilation strategy.

Furry assassins can decide how their runs will go by selecting upgrades for both Beary and his nemeses at the end of each stage.

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