Brixity – Official Overview Trailer

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Brixity – Official Overview Trailer
Join members of the development team for a deep dive into the creation of Brixity, including the inspiration behind the sandbox city-building, how the game evolved, art design, the ability to use characters called Pipos to explore the world you create, and more.

In Brixity, step into the year 2523, when Earth lies desolate and in dire need of your visionary touch. As the chosen builder, the Brix-Master, your mission is to construct and revive the planet by injecting life into the miraculous ‘Brix’ building blocks infused with purifying energy. With these magical blocks at your disposal, you can create a vibrant town that will attract the cute and lovely Pipos, the future citizens of Earth.

Brixity will be available on mobile on August 24, 2023.

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