Bilkins’ Folly – Official Console Announcement Trailer

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Bilkins’ Folly – Official Console Announcement Trailer
Bilkins’ Folly is a narrative adventure where players will explore gorgeous islands drenched in history and mystery, meet the regions’ quirky inhabitants, and use their cartography skills to map out sites to dig for riches. The game follows treasure-hunter Percival “Percy” Bilkins and his canine best friend Drayton on a quest to find their missing family, who mysteriously vanished years ago without a trace. A rogue wave leaves the pair stranded, shipless, and very sandy. With their mission derailed, Percy and Drayton set their sights on procuring a new ship, reuniting with their trusty crew, and getting back on track. Bilkins’ Folly is launching on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC in late 2023.

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